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that is in question and the changing of the use to vocal point. and while it seems that most of the attention to this property came about because of the conditional use application that they have on file for a wireless facility, what is going on here and the activity is not related to the wireless facility that they have an application in for but in relation for the change of use for this business and professional service use. the definition, well back up a little bit. so the terevel cd which was created last year does tend to add a little bit of confusion. the business and professional businesses listed adds the principally permitted use. however when you look at the street frontage controls it cross-references section 145.4 which is 145.4 c, which lists the active commercial uses and it says that if it is not on that list, then it needs a conditional use authorization and then the planning commission heard this legislation in june of last year and it was very clear to them what the supervisor's intent was on this legislation and so i have highlighted on the overhead is a passage that all of
are better and in a way it's kind-of surprising how quickly that has changed and clearly we are in different times not having to deal with this fiscal crisis that we have dealt with what does that give you the freedom do and what to focus on that might have been on the back burner with the emergency? [inaudible] first shot >>> so, i'm very caution to say it took a lot of hard work, i remember the day we walked into the office to a 40 million deficit we had to renegotiate our contract and peenings for the first time and pension that happens an issue in california were part of the state system and still not ready for the shake-out on the development and so, i'll like to think it's -- [inaudible/incomprehensible] level and i think that what it gibbs you time do is to start working on some of these dreams and really give development opportunities and that is what it's like despite the evidence -- the general fund and in our economic outlet team and that we -- [inaudible] and working and -- of that and i know -- and i worked on chinese investments because we are looking at capital investment an
recommended she change more than just her ears. >> i love thin chins. but i don't want them as pointy as that chin. we talked about that, didn't we? >> uh-huh. >> we looked at some pictures of some different people. and their chins come up just a little more square. so that's exactly what we're going to do, too. >> and there was more. >> when i looked up inside her, the whole septum is actually going off this way. as the septum goes, so goes the nose. >> she never talked about the nose or the chin before, right? >> she did not. because she didn't recognize it. >> dr. romo says with her ears pinned back, her nose and a symmetrical chin would be more pronounced. he said all three surgeries combined are necessary to balance out nadia's features. >> any last thoughts as we're going into the o.r. here? >> nervous. excited. >> so in some ways, this has been seven years in the making for nadia. she just went under but tells me she has been dreaming about this day for some time. and now it's all happening for her. so what doctor romo is doing is an oto plasty, reducing the size of the nose an
in with spencer christian to see what is happening on live doppler 7hd. >> we have the calm before the change. we have clear skies and clouds lurking offshore. they will be moving inland, and here is a reflection on how warm it was today. the temperatures are soaring around the bay area. 76 in santa rosa and record highs in oakland and santa cruz. right now we have clear skies. we are down to 46 in half moon bay, and as we go to another list of readings, temperatures in the 40s already at santa rosa and napa and fairfield. getting cool, but not cold. the seven-day forecast coming up a little later. >> thank you. a much different first friday in oakland. the evening art festival has been scaled back after a teen was shot and killed following last month's festivities. it is in a much smaller section of telegraph avenue five blocks from west grand to 27th. alan wang is live in oakland. alan, how did it go? >> one of the big changes is they shutdown the event an hour early. and they just reopened telegraph avenue about 20 minutes ago. there were questions as to whether the city could handle another e
to these changes, and where is that resistance coming from? >> and initially when you look at the students, that was the initial push back. they were comfortable with the rules -- because they did not think where there were coming from. they saw as control. over time, they understood it was about the culture of the school. if you ask me about the resistance now, it is more external and internal. most of the resistance we have comes from the community. and there are a host of reasons why that happens. the charter movement in new orleans has been expensive. and in many ways, the community feels pushed out. a lot of the teachers who had taught in the community and from the community are no longer teachers there. from their vantage point, a lot of outsiders are coming in to run the schools. it creates some bank and animosity. -- some angst. tavis: i was working on a special called education under arrest. new orleans was one of the stops. so i spent a few days there. i heard a lot about this charter school movement in new orleans. and one of the rubs against charter schools is that they get to
and that is not changing what i am proposing in the zoning in the northern part of the sight, near where the transit site exists of course. this shows to protect the key assets and identifying the force as a major corridor kind of a main street and require the ground, floor retail, areas where we will restrict a lot more areas where we would it leads us to this diagram that we have the potential in some areas and higher growth in the south west corner of the sight it is a small part to increase the development potential. and with that i will turn it over >> we have been seeing the plan for two years now and it is largely interesting, and the bursting ideas and feedback and refining and starting all over again and that is what we are doing for two years and we are hoping to release, in a couple of weeks, the document of the draft plan and start the eir, so that this is moving forward. to talk about 16 months. to hopefully be back in front of you for 2014, for adoption and we will hopefully with these issues to discuss today. we talk about all of the lifting that we have done, and it is important to point
changed, the problem is still evident to not that they actually continue. it's hard to see how congress could develop a more thorough record than a day. >> i'm not questioning whether the congress did its best. it's whether congress found with adequate to invoke his usual remedy. >> congress must've found the situation was even clearer and violations more evident because originally the vote in the senate was something like 79 to 18. in a 2006 extension of his 98 to nothing. there must've been even clearer in 2006 the these states were violating the constitution. do you think that's true? >> justice scalia, it was clear to 98 senators including every senator from a covered state who decided there was a continuing piece of legislation. >> or decided they'd better not vote against it. none of their entries in voting against it. >> i don't know what they're thinking exactly, but it seems to me one might reasonably think this, it's gotten a lot better, but it's still there. so if you have a revenue that wasn't totally over, wouldn't you keep there been any? or would she not at least say a pe
for those reports, at least for the time being. germany's governing coalition wants to change that. i of their draft laws passed, search engines would have to pay fees to publishers for using their reports. >> we want journalists and publishers to get paid enough for their work. the internet is really efficient, but the content that people search and save does not just right itself. >> the opposition says the draft law is too vague about what search engines would have to pay for. the draft law says search engines would not have to pay to show snippets of articles, but they would if they publish full articles. however, it does not say what a snippet is. the greens said opposition is also strong outside parliament. >> german journalists and the freelance journalist association are against your bill, and so are well-known constitutional law professors and basically every copyright expert in the country. >> many net experts in the government are also skeptical about the bill, but the government has the numbers in the bundestag, so the bill passed. it is however expected to meet resistance
and no change to that and that allows direct access to bryant street which we believe is the most efficient location for the infrastructure and parking access point to the building. there's places for people to move from main street across the existing crosswalks up to the edges and top, platforms and bicycle crossings in this election. it's clear this is the most complex site and everything crosses and we have to address transportation of vehicles and people here, so that's been called to our attention and we feel it's something that is important to address, and i believe that is the ends of the presentation. thank you very much. >> i might i am sorry joy -- i just wanted to chime in here briefly before public comment and commissioner comments. as david pointed out we have been working closely with the team and the warrior's team on this and we're at the stage they're asking for things on the commission and they will go into a second phase of design where they're looking at many of the comments and incorporating them into the round of revisions so we are looking forward to the commissio
. people do not change what they do based on what they know. the change what they do, based on how they feel. when we appreciate that insight we think of the effort -- within differently about delivering certain messages. the message has to be delivered with carey energy, it does not matter how people hear the at -- with care and energy, it does not matter how people hear the message. we have to make it easy for people to do the right thing. we have to grease the road to success. about 20% extra brani energy is required to think to come up with a new idea. we do not want to spend that energy wistfully. it is not because people are dumb or foolish, it is our natural human desire not to have to reinvent the wheel every day. that is why i think we can make things easier. let me show you a slide on numbers of mortality. this is a pretty good estimate of premature mortality causes. some of them are genetic, some environmental. look at the purple part of this graph, bad as medical access. that is the reality that not having access to health care is like having a ship coal and oil into do
and then the numbers would change and then the more they changed, and if you're the speaking head, you lose public trust. in that event we had a great wealth of scientific support that brought in to give you situational awareness. and my requirement as the on scene commander is how do i get this into the social media? and, so, in this case noaa had a product called the emergency management response application which was very nascent. i told dp, i need everything to get this live within 72 hours. they came up with $200 million and it went live. if i had to bid that through, you know, through our channels, i might see it five years from today. but now we've run the slide. and on the first day that irma was in social media, we had 250,000 hits. on the second day it was over 3 million. and people could actually navigate through this tool. and what i was saying, they could validate using gps encrypted photographs where the response was. but it helped close that public trust gap and that's really where being able to move as much information as we can out into the public domain as we talk about cop. and
and this commission voted unanimously approval to the board and this commission made several changes and adjusted zoning to allow new night time uses and housing and this provision was kept by the land use committee. this commission also created a grandfathering provision on this 11th street corridor. this provision was removed this week by the board committee. supervisor kim's office is coordinating negotiations with the property owner and the entertainment committee to potentially change the product from a residential project with one with commercial and office houses. number three, this commission recommending changin zoning for several properties for prop c. no changes were made this week. you changed the benchmark for historic buildings. this was also kept by the board committee and you added an objective and policy to the land use chapter of the plan to acknowledge the need for continued planning under the central corridor process. again this provision remained intact at the committee and lastly you asked that the board explore a legitimatization program for eastern soma and no progra
it and feel when you are making changes. >> and of course, you have i brought up -- vibrato. >> yes, you do. [laughter] let me go bragrab another guitar. i will play this as an example. ♪ basically, these are all the same pitch. three a notes i am playing, one is open string, one in isfretted. one gets a droney sound. the other has the sound of hitting a drum, and then one gets the vibrato sound. sounds like one -- like more than one note. >> you are creating a rhythmic pattern. not only different dynamic patterns, some notes played louder than others, but they also have different texture. just like any percussionist. the indian drum is a great example. there is such new ones in the way it is played, it creates such a sense of depth in the rhythm. >> to you think there is a gene for music? >> well, you are the scientists. [laughter] i do not know. my grandfather was a side -- violinist with the san francisco symphony. my father was quite a good pianist. my brother was musical, my sister was not. i have a musical cousin. i do not really know. >> let me put it this way and i will try to stu
as a presidential nominee in the last election, so what's the issue here, is it that christie has changed or conservatives are the problem? >> well, christie is running for reelection in a very blue state. obamacare i had new jersey by at least 17-- obama carried new jersey. and you have a republican running in a very blue state and doing what he needs to do to get elected. he cannot be rick perry in new jersey. and so i think that's what you're seeing here. now, you know, i'm not with christie on a lot of his issues, gun control and global warming and issues like that, but again, you know, this is similar to what scott brown was doing. >> paul: you've got to do-- >> you've got to do what you've got to do to win. >> paul: owe the snub, cpac snub reflects on his recent in new jersey? >> certainly his recent record. and cpac is a conservative gathering, not an official republican party event. if they want to invite people they think are going to carry a conservative message and are consistent with that, they should. there's no obligation to invite people who are more in the center or more t
. >>> oakland's first friday street fair is getting started right now, but people will see changes after a deadly shooting last month. >> and we are learning new details on a change of venue late today for the memorial plans of two slain santa cruz police officers. >>> good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank is off tonight. oakland's first friday street fair is getting under way right now for the first time since the man was fatally shot last month. rob roth spoke to city officials who now say they are doing things differently to try to prevent another strategy. rob? >> reporter: ken, first friday is just getting started on telegraph avenue in downtown oakland. people are still arriving. the streets are closed. and there's a peace concert going on in memory of kiante campbell, shot to death at last month's first friday. oakland has made a number of changes this time, hoping that nothing like that happens here again. at this art gallery on telegraph avenue, an antiviolence display is going up, asking people to keep first friday safe. oakland police say -- oakland
at the convention. >> extra security and a stronger police presence, some of the changes that the first friday event in oakland's uptown neighborhood. let's hear more about the changes and a new emphasis on safety. >> reporter: it ended about an hour ago but venders have taken down the stands but there's plenty of people still in the area. >> reporter: this band kicked off tonight's live entertainment, people dancing, and glad that the city hasn't lost its rhythm. it's a family-oriented activity and extra security was hired. this boy was shot and killed following last month's first friday event. >> it's been marred by violence lately, and it's unfortunate. when you look at what the city is trying to do to change the image of oakland, you know, this is sort of our calling card. >> reporter: organizers say this event is important to the identity of the city and the culture. >> this is one thing we can do to help the area, and i want to the do more than just the first friday. >> reporter: there is no drinking in public and ending the event an hour earlier at 9:00. first friday covers seven blocks,
what is happening on live doppler 7hd. >> we have the calm before the change. we have clear skies and clouds lurking offshore. they will be moving inland, and here is a reflection on how warm it was today. the temperatures are soaring around the bay area. 76 in santa rosa and record highs in oakland and santa cruz. right now we have clear skies. we are down to 46 in half moon bay, and as we go to another list of readings, temperatures in the 40s already at santa rosa and napa and fairfield. getting cool, but not cold. the seven-day forecast coming up a little later. >> thank you. a much different first friday in oakland. the evening art festival has been scaled back after a teen was shot and killed following last month's festivities. it is in a much smaller section of telegraph avenue five blocks from west grand to 27th. alan wang is live in oakland. alan, how did it go? >> one of the big changes is they shutdown the event an hour early. and they just reopened telegraph avenue about 20 minutes ago. there were questions as to whether the city could handle another event like this. a
a change in graffiti results. but it also assists us in terms of how we approach them. so we take this information to canada post and basically say, get rid of the gray boxes. so, conclusions. edmonton's method for auditing graffiti vandalism is unbiased and effective as far as we've been able to determine. we use the results to work with the edmonton police service to determine our other services. the graffiti index and intensity index allow for specific locations within the neighborhood. we found we had significant results over the first year, in terms of the decrease 42.7 percent and while we have leveled off this year, we are confident that by analyzing the neighborhood data we will be able to make strong changes to our programs to be able to effectively decrease that number again. five neighborhoods accounted for 46 percent of the graffiti vandalism, compared to 60, 2011, 10 taggers responsible for 40 percent of the graffiti, 88 percent of the graffiti was small or extra small and 90 percent of it is text only. 71 percent was on private property. so that's basically the g
's echbtd to ensure there's no violence. well, time to change the timeline, coming up the new look of facebook that will be coming next week. >>> and a beautiful shot from our nbc bay area helicopter. but, good thing you do not have smell-o-vision. we will explain the stinky situation in the seaside neighborhood next. and good afternoon, i'm jeff ranieri live in the north bay where the sun is out and so are the petaluma little leaguers who made it all the way to the little league world series last year. we will talk baseball and weather and opening day right here in the north bay coming up in a few minutes. >> nice job, you guys! mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ at&t. [ traffic passi
if the facts change that led to the denial then they can resubmit nthis case you would be denying it because the plans that are on file as the issued permit, plans, are not code complying and so, they could solve that by submitting the revised plans tomorrow and then we could start. >> that would be a change? >> yes. >> anything further? >> we will take public comment. if there is anything to speak on this. >> i see none, and then we will move into rebuttal. miss barkly, you have three minutes. >> members of the board, as i mentioned before, what is before you is a permit that does not comply with the planning code because of the procedural issue. they are free to take this other plan that they consolidated this other plan to comply with the code and submit it to the building department and that can be processed quickly. my problem is that the other part of this was provided to me. and as you remember, last time they were talking about submitting a permit and have all of the windows with the light kind. the plan that i got on that do not have all of the window like the kind so that it is one
that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service instead of any one of those other places out there. they are going to take care of my car because this is where it came from. price is right no problem, they make you feel like you're a family. get a synthetic blend oil change, tire rotation and much more, $29.95 after $10.00 rebate. if you take care of your car your car will take care of you. >>> it used to be that the president of the united states every week would deliver a national radio address to the country. fdr was the first president to start doing a weekly radio address, but it was a tradition that stuck even well into the 2000s. it was saturday, right on cue there was president george w. bush delivering his weekly radio address, which is kind of weird and charming, right? technologically we had come a long ways since the radio by the time george w. bush was still doing this. but now it's sort of belatedly, the we
on the third floor be changed to a fire access code compliant window. four, that the structural inspection copy has been provided to all parties, the appellant and to the building department. and that the deck is three feet from the property line and that the drawings be appropriately done to reflect these. mr. duffy yes? >> >> without knowing the existing condition on the two properties, the code is pretty clear that each property has to be responsible for its own drainage, so in san francisco that is tough because of the 0 lot lines and i don't know what the existing is and i just wanted the code does say that you have to each probably is responsible for its own. so there is no details of what was existing and no photographs. and i don't know how it existed but i assume that it did exist at one time. but i don't want to... i just want to if you are going to, outside of the code and we sometimes leave it up to people to figure it out because it is tough, if it is code compliant each is responsible for its own and we don't want it. >> you are not accepting the liability for that. >> okay, thank
of all, i appear here many times in the position of mr. sank's representing an owner, defending a change in a 3-hour report and i have been on both sides of this and nothing that i am going to say should therefore imp une, you know, his good faith efforts as an attorney to respect his client. i have also at least a dozen times represented my clients with pat buscovich and i asked that he be hired and again he is a very good engineer and i am not going to imp une the integrity of the statement in his affidavit that there is a seismic problem. all that i will tell you is that engineering, and the conclusions as to whether there is a seismic problem is not a science. many engineers can say different things. it depends on what they look at, and it depends on whether they have done destructive testing or whether they have just looked and given conclusions. i agree, that when someone who is not well, who is low income person has at stake the home that he has lived in for a very, very long time, it really deserves to have some other opinion. and that can come from the department of building ins
the bottom is absolutely came up. another example. another effect of -- global effect. because of the change of the mass of the earth, because it moves so it change slightly the configuration, it has an effect in the axis rotation of the globe. it moved 8 centimeters north pole to the east and that means rotation increased 1.26 millions of seconds so you work less because of chili right now, but it's an impact you have to take into account that happened because of that earthquake. here i can show you a set of photographs of the destruction in the coastal villages, most of them was because of the tsunami. the waves came in there and destroy everything. it goes about 300 meters inland, so nothing was safe. in the port activities, the containers, it's impressive derelict, you have it take that into account in places where you put containers in there because it was a big problem. and infrastructure also have some things was destroyed. bridges, airport. that's in santiago, absolutely far away from where the epicenter was. in terms of people who was meeting close to 500 people, 150 was because
... >> think that it is a preponderance of it and it would just be the changing in zoning. >> in closing, we are looking at the way to accommodate the growth and you are much like the transbay and i think that we are not getting the big cry about side and talking to each and really discussing challenge and with each other in front of some of us. and i think that the project that we have had, the market, and they have come out of the maturing dialogue where the people who are in the neighborhood and doing the day-to-day working and fighting, on the front line are in dialogue with you. and start to shape at a level of detail what it can carry successfully into the future, that would be my ideal dialogue to listen and to observe and not to intervene but to see you talk about with each other that i can feel the depth of what really needs to happen here and that will shape, then, the guidelines and some of them of the more reasonable alternatives to look in and after the eir process is done, i think that i like to have that additional level of detail mature a little bit more. the next thing that
's a great thing but one thing that hasn't changed, the official retirement age. how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years? >> additional corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by boeing. additional funding is provided by the annenberg foundation, the corporation for public broadcasting and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. once again, live from washington, moderator gwen ifill. gwen: good evening. there is something baffling about where we find ourselves in washington tonight. lawmakers spent the better part of the day, and the week, daring each other to meet in the town square at high noon, and when they did, neither liked the outcome all that much. the president popped into the white house briefing room today, at times expressing frustration, other times high mindedness, but making clear who he blames for the budget standoff. >> i am not a dictator. i'm the president. so, ultimately, if mitch mcconnell or john boehner say, we need to go catch a plane, i can't have secret service block the doorway, righ
patrol, airport security, doom and gloom. wait a minute, here is the question.... >> you change your tune on me, sean. i was here three years ago. the summer of recovery which you love to mock, you were willing to blame every traffic jam in america on the repaving of roads on the stimulus. now when we're actually going to cut a bunch of programs. >> we're going to cut military readiness. >> now you don't want to do it. >> how much was money did this president spend in 2008, you know the answer to that. how much did he spend? >> he wasn't the president in 2008. >> sean: excuse me, 2009. how much did he spend? >> he spent only a small amount more than was projected. >> sean: how much? >> it barely more than what was projected. >> sean: how much? >> barely more than what was projected. >> sean: here is the thing, spending has gone up 20% almost across the board under obama in four years. we have $6 trillion new obama debt, 20 million in o food stamps, one in six in poverty. wait a minute -- this year we are going to spend about the same probably more than we spent last year. explain to ameri
of time for congress to talk about this. >> programs where you have changed money from one account to another. you cannot do that under this type of thing that we are talking about. >> some flexibility to rearrange funding programs. training and maintenance and so forth. reporter: remember that date for the federal for lysistrata? by midnight the next day, congress must pass a $900 billion spending bill to fund government operations were a government shutdown takes place with worse consequences than the $850 billion aggressor. it has been scheduled this way since january. lawmakers knew that they could use the bill funding government operations to adjust where the cuts get made. if it doesn't get fixed, republicans now say that there is only one place to look. >> of the president chooses not to use that and goes after high-profile spending cuts, and that is a choice that what he will have made for political reasons four the president, for the fourth year in a row has not produced a budget proposal on time. it is not expected before the end of march. the next three months will see l
. details on the major changes coming up. >>> the nation officially in sequester. president obama had to order $85 pl in across-the-board cuts. republicans say these automatic cuts will not hurt the economy emphasizing that $85 billion is only 2% of government spending. president obama said sequester will be painful. some schools will have to close early. another round of cuts could come later this month. >>> it looked like something right out of a horror movie just outside of tampa, florida. the earth opened up and swallowed a house. >> the bedroom floor just collapsed and my brother-in-law is in there underneath the house. >> it's a chilling 911 call from the outside. hard to see the impact but the sinkhole opened up under the home belonging to 37-year-old jeff bush. his brother heard a scream and tried to help before being rescued himself. >> i heard my brother screaming and i ran in there and all i could see was this big hole and all i could see was his bed. >> authorities can't even search for the gentleman because the area is unstable and the massive crater is already 30 feet wi
and a stronger police presence, some of the changes that the first friday event in oakland's uptown neighborhood. let's hear more about the changes and a new emphasis on safety. >> reporter: it ended about an hour ago but venders have taken down the stands but there's plenty of people still in the area. >> reporter: this band kicked off tonight's live entertainment, people dancing, and glad that the city hasn't lost its rhythm. it's a family-oriented activity and extra security was hired. this boy was shot and killed following last month's first friday event. >> it's been marred by violence lately, and it's unfortunate. when you look at what the city is trying to do to change the image of oakland, you know, this is sort of our calling card. >> reporter: organizers say this event is important to the identity of the city and the culture. >> this is one thing we can do to help the area, and i want to the do more than just the first friday. >> reporter: there is no drinking in public and ending the event an hour earlier at 9:00. first friday covers seven blocks, three blocks less than previous m
spending cuts and changes to the tax code that makes it more fair without raising anyone's taxes. that's how we can reduce our deficit without laying off workers. i don't think that is too much to ask. it is the kind of approach i proposed for two years now. a majority of the american people agree with me, including a majority of republicans. we just need republicans in congress to catch up with the their own party and the rest of the country. i know there are republicans in congress who would rather see if tax loopholes closed than let these cuts go through. there's a caucus of common sense throughout. i'm going keep reaching out of them to fix this for good. american people are weary of partisanship. this is america. we don't bounce from one manufactured crisis to another. we make splart choices. we plan, we prioritize. i'm going keep fighting for the real challenges facing american families. i'm going to push that makes minute yum wage a wage you can live off. i'm going push to repair our transportation system and keep our children safe from gun violence. that's the work you elected
the "wall street journal," columnist says something has changed, a line has been crossed. does it feel that way in washington? >> now, i think so republicans learned a pretty good lesson this week. the president overhyped this thing electing like y 2 q, he couldn't back up his -- y2k ands president's bluff. we're not talking about a massive cut here in spending. we're talking about a minor cut in the growth of spending. i think our country wants to see us get serious about spending and i think the party learned a good lesson to stand up to the president, being very clear offering solutions to problems. at the end of the day if the president isn't willing to lead and anything he is interested in campaigning earnings this we have to stick together and show the american people that we're not going to drive this country into the ground. >> dana: one of the things i have seen from democrats and even just outside of the party politics, from the left is that we actually don't have a spending problem. this is a new talking point. just looking at the polls, actually one thing americans can agre
of the desires of people within his own party, did put things on the table. changed cpi for social security, medicare cuts. he did, and they came up with -- >> he used the words. he didn't put a plan. what was the specific amount of chain cpi? what was the number? >> these were numbers passed between gene sperling and boehner's office. >> here is what i don't like. it suits each of their political objectives. i want to use chuck todd. i have been saying it all week on the radio, but he said it beautifully. he noted this in "first read" this morning. yes, both sides are kicking and screaming publicly, and, yes, these cuts will impact people's livelihoods, but if you're a republican who wants to cut spending, you're getting your spending cuts. if you're a democrat who either wants to reduce defense spending or ensure that all the cuts aren't targeted only at social programs, you're getting your wish. this is perhaps the biggest reason why these cuts are going into effect -- at the end of the day they were better than the alternative, for republicans raising tax levels and eliminating loophole
minister says things are are changing. >> translator: joining the new production system will help secure the stable purchase of this jet. >> reporter: his chief cabinet secretary said the change will benefit japan in many ways. >> translator: the participation in the production of the f-35 will nurture, maintain and enhance the technological expertise in defense equipment production. therefore, it will greatly contribute to japan's defense. >> reporter: japanese lawmakers brought in something called the three principles on arms exports in the 1960s. they essentially banned weapons exports to communist bloc nations, countries subjected to arms export embargoes under u.n. security council resolutions, and countries involved in or likely to be involved in international conflicts. exporting arms parts or technology to make arms was also in principle prohibited. some exceptions were made over the years for the united states. in 2011, prime minister yoshihiko noda effectively relaxed the three principles. he allowed the joint development and transfer of equipment under certain conditions. then
to other business and not to members of the public. there is no change of use here. such that section 312, the code required notification. not every change of use requires 312 notification to the public. only changes of uses to certain uses and this particular use is not one that triggers section 312. contrary to what mr. williams implied, there is no notice of violation on this property from the building department. the building inspector who came out and upon a complaint made and we don't know by whom, we think that it was a neighborhood, we think that it is anonymous resulted in no notice of violation, mr. carlin came out and the contractors merely said that they were moving in and setting up their equipment and start getting ready to do work. but that no work was actually commerced until after the permit issues. and nearly moving your tools into a space and setting up painting equipment and the like is not in itself constitute work without permit. it has been vacant and bays of that there was been vandalism and it continues to attract further criminal activity and this is a business t
we go from here. (applause) >> we change policy of the city. we change policy, and we start to be progressive, truly progressive about the policies we push to make african americans feel welcomed in this city. so, where do we go from here? we start to make aggressive efforts to educate our young people. we take ownership of our community. we take ownership of our children. we support each other instead of pointing the finger. where do we go from here? (applause) >> there is much work to do. as supervisor cohen and i cannot do it alone, we need your support. we need your encouragement. so, as we celebrate black history month, we need to reflect and understand and appreciate our history. it is a rich history, one that has made san francisco a great city. it is our time to shape the course of history as we speak by making a change in our great city. so, i'm going to be looking to you all in this audience to be advocates, to be supporters. where do we go from here? our time is now to change the course of history in san francisco. thank you all so much. [cheering and applauding]
. it's a tough year of change. i want you to know something, eric, it has been -- we have been on the air two years. you are a pro. you have done more to promote the show than anything else. >> eric: love you brother. >> andrea: happy birthday. >> dana: are you going to niss we'll show you that on monday. thank we will show you the video straight ahead. greg? >> no, we won't, andy. >> why are we doing the story? >> slow news day. >> i guess it was either that or the sequester. >> rut sequester. >> rut. >> let's welcome our guest. she is so cute that dora the explorer sleeps on a dana parino pillow. and if fierce commentary was karate lessons i would do him in the strip mall. it is jimmy mcginnis, gavin's dad. and in delaware he is considered a rest stop. it is my sidekick, bill schulz. and he is so british he sneezes tine thee double decker -- sneezes tiny double decker buses. he is kind of vein if you ask me. it is not just a company, but varney and company on weekday mornings on fox business network. >>> should our gov focus on love? a democraticesswoman, is there any other k
, would cause massive suffering in america, the president has now changed his tune. >> this is not going to be an apocalypse as some people have said. it's just dumb. it's going to hurt. it's going to hurt individual people and it's going to hurt the economy overall. >> bill: well, that may or may not be true because the apocalypse line is interesting. no question that the president's acolytes were pounding the disaster drum. >> we don't need to be having something like sequestration that's going to cause these job losses, over 170 million jobs that could be lost. >> 150,000 correct the number of job loss. >> 750. >> at least. >> that's insane. >> it's not even close to being true. watters and pelosi were misleading everybody. they don't know what they are talking about. in fact, a short time later watters' spokesperson said that the number is 170,000 jobs lost down from 170 million. that's just bull as well. nobody knows how the spending cuts are going to play out. what we do know is that president obama and his party tried to scare the american people into pressuring the republicans to
will have the mild temperatures today but change are headed our way with clouds on the increase and right now from emeryville. temperatures mild in the low 50s. he are talking fair skies and really a split forecast between today and tomorrow. i'll explain coming up. >> thank you. also next, new concerns about a sinkhole that swallowed up part after house in central florida. what engineers are saying about it this morning. and a lawmaker resigned admitting he spent >> regulation cuers say a giant sinkhole is too big for them to recover a man who fell into it after the sinkhole opened up thursday night. victim, jeff bush; now presumed dead. his brother tried to save him. >> we heard a loud crash. i ran in there. i heard somebody screaming, my brother screaming, and i ran in there and all you could see was this big hole and all i could see was the top of his bed. >> as i told the family earlier, the only thing that would be worse than what they are feeling now for their loss would be to experience additional human loss. >> engineers worry the sinkhole will grow and consume morph the house th
on steroid. when we gets down on the ground and talks to people he can change mind. if you ask people do we have a good education system they say no. but if you ask if they like their school they say yes. it impacts you in oregon and people will get on board with you . fortunately, the president is more savvy than we like to let on. >> steve, the fact is, we are going in the wrong direction. we are spending more money for all of the talk about cuts. >> and that's right. and the entitlement is kicked in. it gets worse. we would haved a half trillion off of the deficit in the growth alone. the pathetic cut in the deficit in this point of the recovery is pathetic. >> a cut is a cut is a cut. >> millioningsful americans work at home to avoid all of this. yahoo is it forcing employees back to the office place. is it that the best or worst thing for america's work force? that is come happening -- coming up next. for investors like you? tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 schwab bank was built with all e value and convenience tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 investors want. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like no atm fees, worldwide.
government. the opposition green party is hoping to persuade them to choose a fundamental change. they've just launched their election platform, and it includes more renewable energy, higher taxes for higher earners and more equality in the house system. >> the greens have dubbed their election headquarters in berlin base camp. that's where party leaders gathered to present their draft campaign manifesto. it calls for fundamental economic change. >> we support the market economy, but it should become a social market economy, as well as an environmental one. >> their primary goal is to quickly and fairly implement the country's switch to sustainable injuries. the greens' other fundamental goals is to fight for social justice. >> the majority in this country want a just society. that's why we also have to pay off our common debts that affect future generations together and those capable of shoulders a bigger load should do so. >> the manifesto also includes about 50 specific projects that the greens want to imhement, including higher taxes on the wealthy and a minimum wage. party leaders
-- (indiscernible) someone who is debating -- (indiscernible) find a way to change the mind of people. (indiscernible) help to make that change. we heard from our supervisor david chiu, we spend more than 20 million dollars every year erasing graffiti. peoples property, huge amounts of money. (indiscernible) beautiful landscape, beautiful programs. we do have a huge -- ahead of us. i am looking forward to hearing the many ideas that will be coming out of a conference today. we have experts from law enforcement. we have experts from committed to groups. we have people from all around the country, all around the world that will be here to share many of those ideas. i know at the end of the conference everyone will leave feeling more empowered. you will learn ideas that you can go back and share in your communities. also today we will be having a press conference at around 11:30 also. and the press conference is i think one that will focus on many of the areas that we struggle. in san francisco we struggle a lot in the courthouses in terms of how to deal with vandals. sometimes in man
and you can't grant it unless your neighbors agree. it does not say that. and that would be changing the law and that would be changing or considering entertainment and free speech. and i think that would be a hard road to get. so, i'm suggesting that we do form a subcommittee that might create some policy that this commission might look to as a requirement to make us happy. or requirement towards the conditions on a permit or something like that. but to do the research and talk to the city attorneys and talk to people in general and find out how you can do it within the framework of the existing law. is that okay with you? >> yeah. >> will you be on the committee? >> yeah. i would like to explore all option and come up with several options that would be possible. >> who else want to be? >> naomi? >> well, so we have two neighbor representatives just an over kill in it. >> i am not a neighborhood. >> i know that you are not. >> you are. >> why don't we do naomi and glendon and bryant, or steven? >> i am interested to see the proposed. >> steven you are in. >> on the broad way ad hoc
. >> i'm spencer christian. taste of spring is now winding down. i'll show you weather changes coming o >> the city celebrating this first friday with key changes today its popularity lar art event. chaichkz brought on by a deadly shooting. nick smith is live at west grand and telegraph. >> putting an end to straight tagging and keeping events safe is not the responsibility that should fall soley on the shoulders of the police department. a grass roots organization is changing the way people look at, love, and view oakland. >> the community got together and said we need to do something about this. >> high school senior shot and killed after last month's event ended. in dhaiz old city leaders met with members. community to discuss the size and safety of the event. a grass roots organization took it further. making these green and white tee shirts selling only to people who took a pledge to stop defacing public property and gun violenced. respect the city and each other. >> so words were a work of many people coming together contributing ideas to be safe and equal, live in a place we love
and tomorrow night. clearing sunday. and changes next week. through saturday evening this, is important. it could be dangerous sneaker waves you should avoid those rock outcroppings and jetties. here is a look at satellite animation, you can see lots of clouds forming off shore. high pressure weak ridge still is a dominant feature, clouds will be thickening tomorrow. and so at the morning you'll see how clouds get thicker into the evening. spotty showers overnight into sunday morning then, more clouds sunday morning and maybe a couple of light spring yelz but by sunday afternoon, skies clearing out. mild sunday but cooler and more unstable weather pattern begins next week, overnight, clouds around, low temperatures midz to upper 40s and tomorrow, nice mix of clouds and sunshine. high temperatures in the south bay around 70 degrees. 70 on the peninsula. downtown san francisco a high of 64 tomorrow, north bay we'll see upper 60s in petaluma and napa. 67 in oakland, 66 freemon. highs in upper 60s to about 70s. here is the accu-weather forecast. so yale tiffly mild throughout the weekend de
from light conditions but that is going to change of the hawaii of heenan enjoy illnes we have been enjoyin springlike but thas going t we have been enjoying springlike conditions but that is going to change. '70s in the south bay, indicated by the yellow on your screen. however, by noon. we will see a cool down by 3:00 p.m. card changes. 50s, 60s, and even cooler. let us take a look at futurecast. clouds are increasing. for the evening, 5:00 p.m., there is a slight chance of showers. that will continue for the 7:00 p.m. hour. the computer models of showing some very dry conditions. it is still pretty drive. it is not going to help with the dry conditions with decreasing our chance for rain. i do not think the we're going to see any chance for rain but temperatures are going to be warm by noon. '60s and '70s. 50s near the coast. but we will cool down by five, 10 degrees by 4:00 p.m. a look a your extended forecast. cooler sunday, monday. with a pretty decent storm tuesday towards wednesday. more rain fall possible and lingering showers possible by thursday. >> pam: if you are a regu
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